What’s with the Name the Horizon Tour?

If you read my last article, “The Straw That Drove the Camel to Life on the Road,” then you know my decision to take off sort of came out of left field. Between feeling stagnant with MotoLady, a lack of money for California adventures, and a recently bruised heart… I needed something to change.

Waiting around for something to give is no way to live… and I’m no good at being patient. That, in a nutshell, is why I decided to move out of an absolutely amazing living arrangement and make my truck home base. The Horizon Tour name came later.

While I was thinking about my trip and the best way to share my experiences, I realized a good portion of my reflection from the road wouldn’t be motorcycle related and thus not really suitable for posting on the main MotoLady website. But what should I call it? MotoLady on tour? MotoLady on the move? No, and no again. The trip is not just a MotoLady thing… it’s an adventure to expand my self. I want to broaden my horizons—OH SNAP! There it is… the Horizon Tour!

Now, being a motorcycle journalist isn’t the most lucrative career choice, and I knew right off the bat that my little walkabout—nay, rollabout—would not be cheap. The marketing mind in me took over, and I started making a logo, gathering lists of companies and destinations, and putting together a proposal. The deck explained, mostly in graphics, the what/where/why of the Horizon Tour road trip.

That deck brought me the support of Honda, Gerber Gear, Warn Industries, Sena Bluetooth, Torco Oil, and hopefully more that I’m still chatting with now. While I’m hoping to add more affiliates to the fold,  I didn’t want to wait for sponsorships to make the trip happen. So I took off.

Go forth, and the road shall appear.

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