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Alicia Mariah Elfving

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Intro to MotoLady & the Horizon Tour

TheMotoLady.com began in January 2011, created as a place to share trials, tribulations, and triumphs while learning the ins and out’s of motorcycling and working on your own bike. Used as a platform to encourage current and aspiring women riders and replace the bad reputation the sport/hobby has racked up over the years with a positive sense of community.

MotoLady is a website built for men and women motorcyclists alike.

Born to be a storyteller; Alicia is well versed in all things creative. Starting out as a crafty kid drawing, tinkering, and building at every possible chance, you could liken her modus operandi to that of a sponge. Wide eyed and armed with unwavering curiosity, “why?” was a permanently posed question. Her Parole Officer Mother raised her with a “you can do anything” attitude, while her Mechanic/Mountain Man Father added in a heaping spoonful of “do it your damn self”. 

Because of this upbringing, Alicia’s skills include: Photography, graphic design, social media marketing, journalism and copy writing, proof reading and editing, video / sound recording and processing, basic mechanics skills, light metal fabrication and welding, leather craft, wood working, makeup artistry and wardrobe styling, painting, sculpting, going real fast, and more…

If she can dream it, she can make it. Or she’ll learn how.

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