Destinations Past & Future

"Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"

— Hunter S Thompson

Portland, OR

Truck Bed Frame and Storage Build

Meeting up with Whit Stearns again, as a wood worker/cabin builder/general maker of cool stuff, he was very helpful in the construction of my bed frame with storage space beneath in the back of the truck. Sitting above the wheel wells at 8.5" with a hinged rear panel and a liftable front... it lets me get to all the areas whether I'm inside or out.

Living in a truck... here I come!

Portland, OR

The Purple Prius Eater Build Out

Having returned to Portland after packing my things into storage, the time to build out the 1998 Toyota Tacoma named the Purple Prius Eater! The most important projects like getting a canopy, the swing out motorcycle carrier, and storage/rack systems.

San Rafael, CA

Mt. Tamalpais Golden Hour

After the initial departure from Portland to move my SoCal things into storage, [un]officially on the Horizon Tour, I stopped through San Rafael, California to visit my friend Matt Allard (Inked Iron). The Purple Prius Eater had a mysterious oil leak, and rather than head out the following day we dropped my truck at a mechanic. The ill-fortune was perfectly timed, and I was able to join in on the photoshoot out of the back of Matt's van later that evening.

Portland, OR

Meat, Cheese, Bread

One of my favorite lunch spots in Portland from a traveling perspective.

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Portland, OR

Whit Stearns, Adventurer

Having taken off on his very own extended road trip living out of his Toyota truck, it was fun to talk ideas for the Horizon Tour at the beginning of it's conception. His dog Scout goes everywhere with him.